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Welcome to SEDRA - Beyond Genesis

A World of Possibilities!

Embark on an incredible journey with SEDRA, a revolutionary blockchain platform introducing SedraCoin. Going beyond the ordinary, SEDRA leads the way to the innovative Sedrax metaverse, powered by the advanced GHOSTDAG PROTOCOL and kHeavyHash algorithm. It's not just a tech leap; it's an open invitation to explore new realms of innovation and community collaboration.


Discover Custom Tokenized Assets

Discover Custom Tokenized


At the heart of this evolution is the groundbreaking concept of Custom Tokenized Assets (CTA), a fresh alternative to NFTs. These digital assets, unique to the SEDRA blockchain, redefine ownership, customization, and value creation. Each CTA is a testament to the boundless possibilities within the SEDRA ecosystem, where innovation meets individual expression.

Block Forge


Mining Sedra requires two components: a node (sedrad), and a miner. A third component is required to create and maintain a wallet. The node listens for new blocks while the miner is searching for blocks to report to the node. All three components are provided as stand alone files which require no installation. You need to either download precompiled binaries, or compile the codebase yourself. The first option is recommended for most users.

Sedra Node


Sedra Miner

Sedra GPU miner - Windows
Sedra GPU miner - Linux



Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Work, BlockDAG

Mining Algorithm: kHeavyHash (energy-efficient, core-dominant algorithm)

Token Ticker: SDR

Block Time: 1 second

Total Supply: 28.7 billion SDR

Rewards Program: Unleash the benefits of being an adopter with Miners Rewards, Supporters & Enthusiasts incentives. Stay tuned for upcoming Staking and Governance programs.


The Metaverse

Immerse yourself in SEDRAX, where AI automation and 3D Builder Technology create a lifelike virtual world. Explore, collaborate, and shape the future.

Main Pillars of SEDRAX

AI Vehicles (V-CTAs):

Explore and gather resources

Co-owned Businesses (C-CTAs):

Invest and manage virtual businesses

Guilds (G-CTAs):

Collaborate with like-minded users

Global Bank Marketplace (M-CTAs):

Trade and invest in the metaverse

The Regime (R-CTAs):

Co-own SedraX and influence its future

shape the future

Journey Map

Q1 2024

Building the Foundation

Q2 2024

Shaping the Future

Q3-Q4 2024

Embracing Innovation


Whether you're a miner, developer, investor, or enthusiast, join us in building a new era in blockchain. At SEDRA, innovation meets community, and your contributions propel us beyond the horizons of digital currency and virtual experiences.

Welcome to SEDRA - Shaping the Future Together!